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Innergy Key

Innergy Key


William Winbreaker® (2020)

20 x 10" Mixed Media ön Canvas


You are a black hole.


You are absorbing the thought, idea, emotions, feelings, and vibrations of everything from the external world.


When you came into this realm the first thing you did was inhale.


So from the jump your first instict was to take in.


When you do something like meditation you are able to return to your own space and observe these things that you absorbing. You are able to take a step back.


You are able to more easily decipher your thoughts and feelings versus external thoughts and feelings.


But meditation doesn't have to be boring.


You know when you are driving and can't remember if you just looked at the light you just drove past, but your focused?


That's because you were in a state of meditation.


People automatically go into a state of meditation when they are doing something they love!


I like that conclusion. Do what you love.


All that matters is how you feel inside. That's your "space".