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Full Spectrum V4

Full Spectrum V4


William Winbreaker®

20 x 10" Mixed Media ön Canvas


- Glow In The Dark

- Fake Sonasis Crystals

- Neon Colors


This piece is very personal to me. Being Volume 4 of the Full Spectrum Series - I wanted to embody the 4th house energy on here. I kind of knew I wanted to do that before I actually THOUGHT (masculine) about it - I had the FEELING (feminine) first.


Anyways - the 4 - home and family. Cancer energy. Having to do with comfortability.


Nuturing and internalizing emotions so they can be felt and related to. That's why cancers can "feel the vibe" of some sh*t and has no need for concrete representations.


Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Cancer is cardinal water.


Also - 4 - viewing yourself from the 3rd person and having a thought/idea about experience.


Use this piece for unconditional love, communication, and child-like creativity and romance in the home.

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