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This is the Prötotype for the OTTÖMAN and the last peace of art for the Making Space (Light) collection... OTTÖMAN "Sundaze"


MAKiNg SpACe Light

We're Giving You Space!

It started at the moment I realized a connection between me needing to constantly Make Space on my phone in order to keep taking videos and pictures for you to sea and how Making Space between you and things make you sea things clearer.

You are putting death to sum thing to Make Space so that it could transform into sum thing and be sum thing new.

Like : How if you are at a disagreement with someone or something and Making Space between you always clears the air.

I've always had a fascination with how the word Space plays out.

I'm letting it be lite and take whatever form it wants to be.

The word decor-ate means to make beaUtiful.

So I'm just playing a part in your decorating.. Making your Space beautiful.. Making your Space YOU.. Making Space

- bb Win®, William Winbreaker
☠️ 8atman6host2econ

This collection will no longer be available when the next release is ready.

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