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Bradley Matthew William DeSouza, also known as Baby Winbreaker is a Jamaican subconscious artist, designer, and director known for his unusual eccentric style, psychedelic nuances, technical craftsmanship, and ability to somehow create a feeling of nostalgia for something that is new.

Making pieces open enough so that magic could happen and all observers could have more room to play with their own perspective.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Baby Winbreaker began creating at a young age just because it was fun and human nature, but began to develop his own signature styles creating video game videos at the age of 12.


In Summer 2019 he began painting under the moniker, William Winbreaker, because it was always something he wanted to do, but it quickly became more... Realizing it was more meditative and spiritual than thought out to be.

I want the art to help people get it - whatever that means to them.

I create with the intent to promote self and reclaiming your öwn space. And power.

The intent is to strengthen your imagination and work it like a muscle so you could envision - using the same set of eyes you use to see in your dreams.


The intent to help you mediate, clear your space, and get MORE 2 THE CORE.

Sum times it even surprises me, because no matter how vague or "abstract" the art is - every 1 picks up on the same intent in their own way.

It always relates to you by regurgitating the things on your aura and the things you eat. The thoughts you eat, the feelings you eat, the experiences you eat, the videos you eat, and more.

The art manifesting in 2 the world always helps expand the consciousness or awareness on what is.

In every way.

It helps decipher whether it's by myself in silence or it's from an experience dealing with something external.

Bb final faze in xv.JPG


BLYND Reimagined®

How Do You See In Your Dreams? Do You See What Eye Mean?

Jan 2021 / Atlanta, GA

Albums / EPs / Mixtapes


May 2021


July 2020

Safe Haven

June 2018

22 Avenue

July 2017



The "Making Space" Collection

In Progress...

The "Ö" Collection


The "At The Core" Collection


The "Nothing & Everything" Collection


The "CÖVID" Collection


The "Hott Steam" Collection

February 2020

The "Re(me)m(be)r 2B" Collection

February 2020

The "Whatever You Want It To Be" Collection

January 2020

The "Perfect Pop" Collection

December 2019

The "Breathe Breath" Collection

December 2019

The "Falling Jupiter" Collection

December 2019

The "You" Collection

October 2019

The "Reborn" Collection

July 2019

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